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Here’s why Royal Enfield is heading to Antarctica



In this connected world we live in, how many times have we all said we need to unplug, unplug and take a bike trip away from all noise, especially with the current global pandemic looming over our heads . So what is your perfect destination somewhere tucked away in the mountains or enjoying the sunny coastal road that runs along the ocean? If you are a game, how about a place that will change your life forever? Antarctica anyone?

We’re sure the South Pole was not on your list of dream destinations. We can’t really blame you, but the world’s oldest production motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield, has decided to test the endurance limits of man and machine as they attempt to reach the geographic South Pole. Called 90 ° Sud – Quest for the Pole, it will commemorate 120 years of pure motorcycle culture as Royal Enfield embarks on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle expedition. This legendary motorcycle company is no stranger to ambitious rides as it has transported many of them, including taking the highest motorable pass in the world to reach the base camp of Mount Everest on the roof of the world, in Tibet; at the most inaccessible mountain pass of Daulat Beg Oldi, in the Karakoram range, in northern Ladakh, India.

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Mad Max in the world’s largest polar desert


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Thanks to Hollywood, we’ve seen Mad Max burn the barren wasteland against all odds in the post-apocalyptic era, and well now get ready to see Royal Enfield dare to dream where no motorcycle has gone before. The two Royal Enfield pilots who will make this historic 478 mile attempt are – Santhosh Vijay Kumar, Manager – Rides & Community, Royal Enfield, and Dean Coxson, Senior Engineer – Product Development, Royal Enfield and their loyal steeds will be the battle – Himalayan hardened.


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The 90 ° South mission will begin in Cape Town, South Africa, and Kumar and Coxson will touch down at Novo Base, Antarctica, on November 26, 2021. The crew will then acclimatize for three days before heading south for 12 days to the Indian Arctic. Ross Ice Shelf research station with the help of support vehicles. The distance is over 8,300 miles. This whole quest is in partnership with Arctic Trucks who have extensive knowledge of Antarctica and have traveled over 217,480 miles on this frozen continent. From there, the Himalayan duo will begin their historic attempt on December 14, 2021 to Amundsen-Scott Pole station via South Pole Traverse.

Playing time. Japanese adventurer Shinji Kazama was the first man to reach both the North Poles in 1987 and the South Poles in 1992. Kazama had already taken part in the most difficult rally in the world and had finished the Paris-Dakar race in 1982 and two years later he won the 500cc Dakar class. . Going back to the quest for the South Pole, you might wonder why we mentioned earlier that this attempt at Royal Enfield is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle expedition if that is already done by Kazama. The difference here is that Kazama would sometimes attach a ski to the front wheel, but Royal Enfield would stick to the good old-fashioned rubber tires.

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Prepare for the end of the world


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The Himalayan is a proven and capable adventure bike, both off-road and on-road, but tackling the extreme conditions of Antarctica is a whole different ball game. Based on the rigorous and grueling testing under similar conditions on the Langjokull Glacier in Iceland, Royal Enfield modified both ADVs accordingly. Phase 1 of testing took place in September 2020 while Phase 2 of testing was completed in July 2021. After these tests, the Himalayan showed its courage as only minimal modifications were needed to cope with the unforgiving conditions. . First, the tires were replaced with studded tires so that they could provide the much needed extra traction on cold, slippery terrain. The wheel setup has been changed to tubeless so the tires can roll at very low pressure and navigate soft snow rather than dig a deep hole and get stuck in it. Other crucial improvements relate to greater torque at the rear wheel, the main drive sprocket has been changed from a 15-tooth unit to a 13-tooth unit and both bikes are now equipped with a more powerful alternator using rare earth magnets to generate more current. and remove the heated gear from the battery.

As prepared as the two riders can be, the problem with the best-laid out plans is that they tend to get lost and Royal Enfield explains that in their 90 ° South promotion video. Despite the weather, atmosphere and extreme driving conditions, they should keep in mind the number of times they slip, fall and try to avoid serious injuries and besides frostbite and hypothermia. Even with such a daunting task in hand, runners believe, “There are two ways to walk this land. One is to exist and the other is to live and try to reach the pole on a motorbike is to live.

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