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Lesson of the day: “A search begins for the wreckage behind an epic story of survival”


Read featured articlethen answer the following questions:

1. Mr Fountain writes that when Shackleton’s ship Endurance sank in Antarctic waters in 1915, it resulted in “one of the greatest survival stories in the history of exploration”. In your own words, briefly tell the story of Shackleton’s fateful journey and if you agree it is a truly heroic tale.

2. Why is a team of researchers heading to the Weddell Sea in 2022 to find the 144-foot-long Endurance? Why won’t getting there be easy, even for a modern crew with advanced technology, according to the article? What is particularly difficult in the Weddell Sea?

3. Why was Shackleton hailed a hero then and still adored today, in books, movies and even business school lectures, when he failed to achieve his goal to cross the frozen continent? What leadership lessons do you think can be learned from his efforts?

4. Why is the expedition team aboard a South African icebreaker, the Agulhas II, confident that they will be able to locate the long-lost vessel? How could the expedition be useful in the fight against climate change, even if the wreckage is not found?

5. Stefanie Arndt, a sea ice researcher at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany, who is part of the new expedition’s research team, said:

It’s a really huge thing. And for me, that’s really special. The first book I read on Antarctica was Shackleton’s Expedition. This was for me the kick-off of polar science.

What does the article make you think and feel? Does learning more about Shackleton’s story interest you more in the era of Antarctic exploration or in polar science in general? Do you think it’s worth the $10 million expedition to try to find the legendary Endurance? Would you like to be part of the expedition to find it – or other lost ships?

7. Make a prediction: do you think the modern adventure team will find the Endurance? Why or why not?

Option 1: Explore the Times archives.