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SeaWorld’s conservation partnerships raise awareness for marine animals in need, inspired by themes from some of 2022’s most anticipated coasters: Ice Breaker and Emperor


ORLANDO, Florida. and SAN DIEGO, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SeaWorld today announced partnerships with two leading conservation groups to raise awareness of marine animals in need related to the themes of two of this year’s most anticipated coasters: Ice Breaker and Emperor. SeaWorld Orlando’s partnership with the Alaska SeaLife Center will help raise awareness of Alaska’s marine animals in need, in line with the arctic-inspired roller coaster Ice Breaker, the steepest roller coaster beyond the drop vertical in Florida, which open February 18. SeaWorld San Diego’s conservation partnership with Penguin International will support species conservation worldwide in tribute to the Emperor roller coaster, the tallest, fastest and longest diving roller coaster of all. California opening 12th of March. Both coasters are among the most anticipated coasters of 2022, according to United States Today.

A portion of proceeds from Ice Breaker and Emperor merchandise will be donated to these organizations to support their important conservation, education and research efforts. Educational programs for park visitors about these conservation programs and how visitors can help support them will also be offered.

“SeaWorld fans come to our parks to experience some of the fastest, tallest and steepest rides in the world, and in doing so, they can also experience the thrill of knowing that every ticket, every visit and every experience in our parks helps fund the conservation of marine animals and their habitats,” said Marc SwansonCEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. “With the launch of two of our newest and most thrilling thrill rides, we are proud to partner with Alaska SeaLife Center and Penguins International to help advance their important marine wildlife protection programs from the North to the South Pole.”

Ice Breaker raises awareness of the need to protect Arctic mammals

SeaWorld Orlando voted the nation’s best amusement park by United States Today, 10Best Readers’ Choice is proud to partner with the Alaska SeaLife Center to bring awareness to Alaska’s marine wildlife and ecosystems. The partnership pays homage to the all-new Ice Breaker coaster inspired by the icy peaks of the Arctic. Guests will learn about from alaska wildlife and the need for conservation as they line up to board this highly anticipated ride at SeaWorld. SeaWorld Rescue Orlando also partners with Alaska SeaLife for the rescue and rehabilitation of Alaskan animals, including seals, sea lions, beluga whales, otters, and walruses, among others. The Alaska SeaLife Center is the only facility in Alaska which combines a public aquarium with marine research, education and wildlife response. Although primarily dedicated to marine research and education, the nonprofit center is the only permanent marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation facility in the state.

“The Alaska SeaLife Center is thrilled to expand its partnership with SeaWorld as, for many years, SeaWorld has been a dedicated supporter of the Center’s Wildlife Response program,” said Tara L. Riemer, president and CEO of the Alaska SeaLife Center. “SeaWorld has helped the Center with incredible animal rescues, including Aku the walrus and Tyonek the beluga. This new collaboration will strengthen our mission to share stories of rescue and conservation in the Arctic and sub-Arctic with the public, especially SeaWorld visitors.”

Ice Breaker fans will be anything but skittish about riding the steepest roller coaster beyond the vertical Florida and can feel good knowing that their visit is helping to support the conservation of Arctic animals and their habitats.

The Emperor supports the education and conservation of penguins around the world

SeaWorld San Diego’s conservation partnership with Penguins International will raise awareness of the need for penguin conservation around the world. SeaWorld San Diego is the only location in United States where the public can see the emperor penguin up close, a species-in-residence under global conservation efforts and approaching ‘threatened’ status.

Katie Proppdirector of conservation and education at Penguins International, said: “Of the 18 species of penguins on our planet, nine of these species are threatened with extinction. Penguins International is proud to be associated with SeaWorld so that we can achieve our common goal of global penguin conservation. The emperor penguin is an indicator species – sensitive to changes in its Antarctic environment. When we protect the environment in which penguins live, we also improve the health of the planet as a whole. At Penguins International, we look forward to sharing penguin conservation successes with SeaWorld’s biggest penguin fans!”

Penguins International is a non-profit organization committed to the preservation and protection of penguins around the world. They actively engage in conservation efforts, educate the public about threats to penguins, and conduct scientific research; three activities that go hand in hand to fully understand these amazing bird species and protect them for all to cherish.

The Emperor’s roller coaster motion mimics the animal’s incredible scuba diving ability, with steep climbs, deep dives and rapid speeds. The roller coaster will soar 153ft with feet suspended in the air, riders will hang at a 45 degree angle from the top of the ride before plunging into a 143ft face-down vertical drop, accelerating to over 60 miles per hour .

Fans can experience the thrill of riding the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless diving roller coaster in Californiaknowing that their visit to the park and ride on the Emperor also contributes to the conservation of penguins around the world.

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SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: SEAS) is a leading theme park and entertainment company that delivers experiences that matter and inspires guests to protect animals and the wild wonders of our world. The company is one of the world’s leading zoological organizations and a global leader in animal welfare, training, breeding and veterinary care. The Society collectively cares for what it considers to be one of the greatest zoological collections in the world and has helped advance animal care. The Society also rescues and rehabilitates sick, injured, orphaned or abandoned marine and land animals, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The marine world® The rescue team has helped over 39,000 animals in need over the company’s history. SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. owns or licenses a portfolio of recognized brands, including SeaWorld®Busch Gardens®Aquatic®Place Sesame® and rescue at sea®. Over its more than 60-year history, the company has built a diverse portfolio of 12 regional destinations and theme parks that are clustered in key markets across United States, many of which feature his one-of-a-kind zoological collection. The Company’s theme parks offer a diverse range of rides, shows and other attractions with broad demographic appeal that provide memorable experiences and a strong value proposition for its guests.

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