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The McEnroe brothers will face each other in their first Antarctic match



John McEnroe at the top of the world ranking in singles and doubles.

Now, the Hall of Famer is taking its talents to the South Pole.

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Hall of Fame member John McEnroe will take on his younger brother Patrick McEnroe in what is billed as the very first professional tennis match in Antarctica – and you can be there to see the story in February.

Talk about an epic clash between fire and ice.

A limited number of lucky travelers will have the chance to spend 11 days with former USA Davis Cup captains and witness history as the game is officially played for the first time on a continent known for its geographic isolation and its exoticism.

LegendsAbroad.com who is hosting the trip, said the trip is “also intended to underline the importance of the conservation of this unique region which is jointly governed by several nations and has an impact on the climate in the world”.

World tennis traveler John McEnroe said he was excited to discover one of the few places in the world he had not yet visited.

“I am delighted to travel to Antarctica and play my brother, Patrick, in the very first professional tennis match on the seventh continent, and to help raise awareness of the challenges facing one of the remotest and most remote places. most amazing on the planet, ”John McEnroe said in a statement. “It will be an epic adventure and a one-of-a-kind expedition.”

The expedition, from February 22 to March 5, 2022, is organized for an intimate group of tennis fans.

Guests will have the opportunity to travel with the legends during the entire eleven day trip. Some travelers will even have the chance to play the McEnroes as part of the experience.

A private chartered plane will transport guests from Orlando, Florida to Ushuaia, Argentina, where they will board one of the Polar Regions’ newest and most luxurious ships, the World Navigator. One of the most environmentally friendly vessels at sea, World Navigator uses clean combustion hybrid propulsion, hydroelectric power and an anchorless positioning system.

As they cross the famous Drake Passage, visit unique sites of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, view blue glaciers and snow-capped icebergs, travelers will visit sites that have amazed and inspired scientists, explorers and tourists for centuries. Antarctic experts and expedition leaders will present hands-on workshops on topics such as marine fauna, glaciology, ecology, climate change, astronomy, photography and Antarctic history .

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The trip is organized in association with Octagon, the world’s largest sports and entertainment agency. The expedition team will also promote the efforts of nonprofits in America, Chile and other countries that are leading the way in the conservation of this special ecosystem. In addition, the visit will provide a carbon offset contribution for both the aircraft and the ship.

Travelers will enjoy gourmet meals, an open bar throughout, and as many activities and excursions to the Seventh Continent as the weather permits on this all-inclusive trip. All cabins feature luxury amenities, free 24-hour room service and a private balcony with stunning ocean views.

Current COVID-19 guidelines require that all travelers on this expedition be fully vaccinated and show a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of boarding the chartered plane in Orlando, Florida.

The ship will also administer an antigen test for each traveler before boarding the flight and all travelers will then remain in the bubble protocol until everyone has boarded the World Navigator to avoid any prior exposure. boarding.

For more information, please visit LegendsAbroad.com.

Photo credit: John McEnroe Tennis Academy